Women's Health, Fertility & Pregnancy

We are an Adelaide based obstetric, gynaecology & fertility specialist practice.

We provide a wide range of services at your convenience and many choices to meet your expectation. We believe in a high quality healthcare that is individualised, holistic and down-to-earth. Our clinics are at Ashford and Port Adelaide, and in February 2017, we shall open a new clinic with free parking at 680, South Road, Glandore. Should you need hospital admission, we can provide care in several private hospitals like Ashford, Calvary North Adelaide, Glenelg and Western Community.

In this website, you can find:

Relevant Medical Information on Women's Health, Fertility and Pregnancy

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions like 'how we provide exceptionally high quality care?

Our flexible & transparent Fee Schedule to help you choose the most suitable care model, and

Beautiful Photos of our practice and Inspiring Stories shared by some of our patients.

If you wish to have an attentive specialist to provide continuity of care, or want to seek an independent medical advice,
feel free to contact us by phone on 08 8297 4338 (during office hours) or
by email (by clicking APPOINTMENT button located on the top right corner of this page).

We can assist you in getting a private specialist appointment within 2 weeks

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Dr Yen-Yung Yap MBBS (Adel), FRANZCOG, MRMed (UNSW)

Dr Yap is the founder and director of Yap Specialist, and will be the specialist providing you a holistic care in the area of Women’s Health, Fertility and Pregnancy. Under his care, as your private Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, you can expect a care plan which is individually-tailored, evidence-based and comprehensive, and if you need the time and attention, he will be the specialist you can trust.

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Our Private Specialist Healthcare is more affordable than ever ! .

We recognise that the current economy is getting tougher for many people to make ends meet. The relentless effort by the Commonwealth Government in keeping the budget in surplus is not giving people much relief either as we are seeing tighter Medicare funding, increasing health fund premiums, and greater pressure on healthcare affordability. In response to these changes, we have come up with a string of initiatives to make good medical care more affordable.

Some of these initiatives are:
* No gap option for first consult which is suitable for those wishing to seek an independent second opinion
* No gap for your fertility partner when attending as a couple
* Complimentary ultrasound scan for all routine antenatal visits
* Participation in health fund's Medi-Gap Cover Scheme to limit your gap for hospital treatment
* Arrangement for a doctor's home visit at no out-of-pocket expenses to you
* Interest-free financial assistance to cover your treatment cost with no waiting period

If you have a formal quote from other practices which you think is more cost competitive, we will consider matching the quote if deemed reasonable.

But most importantly, we will never compromise on our mission to maintain a high quality specialist healthcare and to put your health concern as our top priority always.

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