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We recognised the remarkable journey some of our patients have gone through to achieve their personal goals, and would like to dedicate this special space for them to share their experience so that we can truly appreciate the courage, patience and wisdom they have demonstrated, and the pain and sacrifice they have endured. It is through this act of courage and persistence that gives us the motivation to continue our work to provide the best care we can possibly give and I hereby declare my highest salutations to these people, both men and women, who have showed us how they have made it possible to have a baby for whom they shall love dearly and care forever. I would also like to thank the contributors for sharing their intimate and personal feelings, and for so generously giving their thoughts and advice to helping others who may be feeling anxious about starting the journey or may perhaps be on the brink of giving up hope of having a baby. These writings are provided by the authors at their free will, without any third party’s interest or influence, but any form of writing constituting a testimony of our work shall be edited to maintain the objectivity of this corner, i.e. to solely give us the true perspective and reflection of their experience, thoughts and feelings. The name of the doctor involved is hence removed. We also encourage other people including those whom we have not cared for to contribute their experience too, so that this space can eventually be an invaluable source of information and inspiration for all. The names given here can either be real or a pseudonym, as per the contributors’ wish.

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  • Mandy and Ash
  • Kenzie-Le and Adam
  • Tiffany and Sam
  • Our twin happiness

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